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Dec 12 2019

Invisalign is known as invisible braces without a wire. They are comfortable, clear removable aligners that are made up of crafted acrylic. The duration for this treatment is much quicker than traditional metal braces, which could sometimes take years to finish. Usually the time period for Invisalign is 12 months or less, depending on the patient.

When you start wearing an Invisalign aligner, you’ll notice that it doesn’t fit quite right. That’s because it hasn’t been shaped to fit your teeth. It’s been shaped to fit the alignment that your teeth need to have at the end of the two weeks after you’ve finished wearing it. Each aligner’s shape represents a future arrangement of your teeth. The amount of tooth movement that each aligner produces is quite small, but after a whole series of aligners has been worn (10, 20, possibly even 30 or more), the total amount of tooth movement accomplished can be substantial.

Reasons for Invisalign:

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