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Dental Hygiene
Dec 12 2019
A Dental Hygiene Team Dedicated To You Your Tooth Health And Your Family Dental Hygiene Needs

A Dental Hygiene Team Dedicated To You Your Tooth Health And Your Family Dental Hygiene Needs

A&B Dental Clinic provides Vancouver, BC patients with dental hygiene using efficient teeth cleaning treatments designed to remove bacteria, plaque, and tartar so gums and teeth stay healthy, your breath is fresh and your smile stays bright.

Regular brushing and flossing keeps your mouth and teeth and gums healthy and clean!

Prevention of bad oral hygiene starts right here – With you! The state of your health depends on your care – It’s up to you.
Regular Dental checkups are our super power in helping you stay on top of any tooth issues – whether they are past, present, or future.

Your excellent health is our first priority. Our main and initial goals are to assist you with preventative treatment and restorative care. Regular dental visits with you and your family help us determine the best course of action and methods of treatment. This is how your smile gets the protection it needs to last.

Our team of calm professionals and hygienists are ready to tackle your dental hygiene needs.
According to, * News Canada, Research shows that plaque gone unchecked on your teeth may and can lead to periodontal disease. And, that same plaque is a risk factor for serious illness and health issues that may include lung and heart disease. stroke, and diabetes.

We offer all essential treatments including preventive, cosmetic, restorative, and gum (periodontal). In addition we also offer root canals, and extractions that are both comfortable and convenient.
A combination of efficiency and knowledge and skill help make our team more helpful in helping to restore your health. We are your Commercial Drive Dentist that provides you with all services in one dental center.

New patients are always welcome – even with a dental emergency. Our goal is to help you make the best decision about your health and your teeth.

Our services and programs address people of all ages with issues related to oral health. As well, we practice with other professionals, denturists, physicians, nurses, physiotherapists. chiropractors and massage therapist.

Recently we discovered the use of Bowen Massage Therapy (Gentle Chiropractic Massage and Adjustment) has worked with several of our patients to help reduce and/or eliminate Locked Jaw, jaw pain and tooth grinding issues.

We look forward to your call!

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