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Wisdom Teeth Extraction
Dec 12 2019

Oral Surgery And Wisdom Teeth Removal

Dr. Kaviani is skilled in his ability to assess the presence and position of the wisdom teeth, disease status and discuss your wisdom teeth removal management options ranging from removal to monitoring the teeth. Call A & B Dental Clinic to talk about your options. We have highly educated, and talented staff in the friendly district located on, “The Drive,” waiting to help you. We are your Commercial Drive Dentist that provides you with all services in one dental center.

Sometimes the only thing ‘wise’ about wisdom teeth is to have them removed. Wisdom teeth are your four adult teeth which are commonly found in the back corners of your mouth – Both top and bottom, right and left. These teeth are also known or referred to as third molars. Wisdom Teeth Removal is the surgical procedure we use to remove one or more of these teeth for you. They are often found in young adults between the ages of 17-27 years-old. See Why They are called Wisdom Teeth Here.

Will Having My Wisdom Teeth Removed Hurt?

Our most common removal method for Wisdom Teeth is oral surgery. Dental anxiety often delays the removal of these often problematic teeth, which can result in other additional and unnecessary health issues. Please call our compassionate office today to discuss this procedure. We are here to help you.

Typically we use the extraction method once the wisdom tooth has erupted through your gums, which involves a local anesthetic, then the careful removal of the tooth, with the emphasis on your comfort and removal of the tooth without any tooth breakage.

If you have a wisdom tooth which hasn’t erupted from your gums and is causing you problems, we can remove the tooth with surgical extraction, and leave you feeling confident and comfortable.

With Wisdom tooth Extraction, we walk with you through every step of our process. Your tooth health needs and preferences are our only consideration. Giving you the tips and tools you need for your after-care success are provided immediately.

Not everyone has problems with their Wisdom Teeth, but a high percentage of our patients do. Just to make sure ask us about yours.

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