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When is the Best Time for Kids to Start Braces?
Apr 24 2024

Thinking about when your child should get braces? You’re not alone. It’s important to choose the right time for a healthy smile and good results. Learn about early braces and what things to consider when deciding if they’re right for your child.

What are braces and how do they work?

Braces are tools used by dentists to fix teeth and jaws that aren’t straight. They work by gently pushing teeth into better positions over time. Braces have brackets, wires, and bands that all work together. The brackets are stuck to the teeth, and wires are put through them to push the teeth. Bands help hold everything steady. Treatment usually takes a few months to a few years, with regular visits to the dentist to make adjustments. Braces don’t just make teeth look better; they also fix bite problems, making mouths healthier and stopping future issues.

The importance of early orthodontic intervention

Early orthodontic care is crucial for your child’s dental health. Dental experts suggest the first orthodontic check-up by age 7. At this point, issues can be spotted, and early steps may be advised to stop them from getting worse. This approach simplifies treatment and makes it less invasive. Early care guides teeth and jaw growth, tackling problems like crowded or misaligned teeth that, if ignored, could cause bigger issues later on. Starting treatment early can also avoid the need for costly surgeries or complex procedures, saving time and money in the future.

Factors to consider when determining the best time for braces

Deciding when your child should get braces involves looking at various things. While every child is different, here are some general things to think about:

  1. Teeth growth: Timing depends on how your child’s teeth are growing. Some problems are easier to fix when permanent teeth are still growing, while others need to wait until most permanent teeth are in.
  2. How bad the problem is: If the issue is severe, braces might need to start early, even before all permanent teeth are there.
  3. Bad habits: Things like sucking thumbs or using pacifiers a lot can mess up teeth and jaws. They might need to be fixed before braces.
  4. Problems with talking or swallowing: If your child has trouble talking or swallowing, it could mean braces are needed.
  5. Following instructions: Getting braces means a big commitment for both kids and parents. It’s important to think if your child is ready to wear braces and do what the orthodontist says.

Signs that your child may need braces

As a parent, it’s crucial to know the signs that suggest your child might need braces. While a dental professional makes the final call, here are some common signs:

  1. Crooked or crowded teeth: If your child’s teeth are noticeably crooked or crowded, braces might be needed. These issues can affect their smile’s appearance and make cleaning teeth harder, increasing the risk of decay and gum problems.
  2. Protruding teeth: Front teeth that stick out a lot could signal an overbite or underbite, affecting how teeth work and possibly needing braces to fix.
  3. Trouble chewing or biting: Difficulty chewing or biting into food might be due to alignment problems, which braces can help with, making eating easier.
  4. Mouth breathing: If your child often breathes through their mouth instead of their nose, it might point to jaw or airway alignment issues that an orthodontist can check and treat.
  5. Early loss of baby teeth: Losing baby teeth too soon or too late could hint at underlying orthodontic issues, making it worth consulting an orthodontist.


Choosing when your child should get braces means thinking about their growth, dental needs, and personal situation. Starting braces early can bring many benefits and improve results. Remember, braces do more than just make teeth look better; they also fix bite problems, improve oral health, and boost confidence. Don’t wait to schedule an appointment and start the journey to confident smiles! Call A&B Dental Clinic at 604-877-0664 to book your appointment today.

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