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Who Can Qualify for the Canadian Dental Care Plan
May 03 2024

The Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) is a federal program aimed at providing coverage to Canadian residents without dental benefits and with a household income below $90,000 per year. It’s essential to clarify that the CDCP does not aim to replace existing benefits from employment, education, or private plans. Health Canada manages the program, with Sun Life responsible for administration. Dentists are not involved in determining eligibility or covered services.

Eligibility Criteria

The federal government is presently reaching out to the first eligible groups of citizens to provide guidance on the CDCP application process. Eligibility for this program is determined by various factors, including household income and existing dental coverage. If you haven’t received correspondence by May, it’s possible you may not meet the criteria yet. To verify eligibility, please visit the government website and consult the eligibility criteria section.

Coverage and Costs

The CDCP does not provide free dental care but rather covers a portion of the cost of dental care. The amount of coverage depends on your adjusted family net income.

  • For those with an adjusted annual family net income under $70,000, no co-payment is required.
  • For those with an adjusted annual family net income between $70,000 and $79,999, a 40% co-payment is required.
  • For those with an adjusted annual family net income between $80,000 and $89,999, a 60% co-payment is required.

It is important to discuss the costs of your treatment and any potential additional fees with your dentist before booking an appointment.

Accessing the CDCP

The federal government is presently contacting eligible citizens, with the coverage start date differing based on application dates. Online applications will open for seniors aged 65 and older in May 2024, while those with a valid Disability Tax Credit certificate or a child under 18 can apply online from June 2024. All other eligible Canadians will be able to apply online in 2025. It’s crucial to note that the CDCP does not replace existing dental coverage through work or school. Individuals already covered through employment benefits or professional/student organizations are not eligible for the CDCP.

Covered Services

Health Canada has outlined the services that could be covered under the CDCP, including:

    1. Preventive services like scaling, polishing, sealants, and fluoride.
    2. Diagnostic services such as examinations and x-rays.
    3. Restorative services including fillings.
    4. Endodontic services like root canal treatments.
    5. Prosthodontic services including complete and partial removable dentures.
    6. Periodontal services like deep scaling.
    7. Oral surgery services such as extractions.

Some services may require preauthorization, which will be based on a dentist’s recommendations. It’s important to consult with your dentist to determine if a particular service will be covered under the CDCP.

Existing Dental Coverage

If you presently receive dental coverage through your employer, a family member’s employer, a professional or student organization, or a pension plan, you might not qualify for the CDCP. It’s essential to assess your current coverage and compare it with the benefits provided by the CDCP. Cancelling your existing coverage without fully grasping the costs and specifics of the CDCP may not be prudent. The federal government mandates employers to report on whether their employees and their families have access to dental insurance coverage, including spending and wellness accounts.


The Canadian Dental Care Plan provides hope to Canadians without dental benefits by covering essential dental services. Eligibility depends on household income and existing dental coverage. While the CDCP doesn’t replace current plans, its aim is to assist those without insurance from work, school, or other groups. It’s vital to understand the CDCP’s coverage and costs, consult with your dentist, and make informed decisions about dental care. Collaboration among patients, dentists, and the government can ensure quality dental care for all Canadians. To schedule your appointment, call A&B Dental Clinic at 604-877-0664 today.

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