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 – Are Wisdom Teeth Becoming Extinct?

Wisdom Teeth are becoming extinct. Yes, believe it or not, mother nature really does know best.

Once Upon A Time . . .

About 100 million years ago, our ancestors had a more useful purpose related to diet and jaw size for their wisdom teeth. It is believed that those back teeth (third set of molars) were used to help the ingestion and digestion of a diet much different than the one we enjoy today! Also noted is the fact that our ancestors had a much larger jaw structure.
Early diets were primarily that of nuts, roots, raw meat and leaves. Chewing and grinding and severing of food was of more importance than it is today. Teeth played a vital role to survival. Evolution has placed wisdom teeth directly into the path of extinction.

Extinction, however, can take millions of years, so until then our teeth of wisdom will remain an ill timed inconvenience for some, sprouting themselves most commonly between the ages of 17 and 25 years old. For others wisdom teeth are simply a pain in the mouth. And yet for a very rare few, they never come in at all, and although it is not common, is becoming more common than in the past.

Where does the term, “Wisdom Teeth,” come From?

The term “Wisdom Teeth,” is a reference to the time frame that wisdom teeth come in – Normally between 17 and 25 years old, this label refers to that time in a young person’s life – Also an affectionate term known as an . . . “Age of Wisdom.”

Another fact of evolution is the observation that the jaw bone has been getting smaller.

Lack of jaw space may be forcing wisdom teeth to become blocked by other teeth, or impacted. Neither is good, both can cause difficulty, infection and mild to extreme discomfort.

When is the best time to have wisdom teeth removed?

The best time to have wisdom teeth removed is between ages of 15-18, when wisdom tooth roots have developed only two-thirds of the way.

Dentist agree that removing wisdom teeth between the ages of 15-18 years old is the best age because it is those ages that have the easiest time healing, the shortest recovery period, and the best chance for fewer complications.

Playing the waiting game, or wisdom tooth removal after 35 years old, increases your chances of infecting surrounding healthy teeth, bigger complication risks with and waiting may also increase your suffering with longer surgery and longer healing times.


From one young lady whom I overheard wisely saying to her aunt one afternoon, “I sure am glad I had them (wisdom teeth) pulled all out when I was 18, instead of watching the pain my parents went through having them removed at 42 and 46 years old!” There you have it – Wisdom – From the mouth of babes!

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