Useful Tips On Dealing With Dental Anxiety

DENTAL ANXIETY – It Is Just Hateful!


I don’t know about you, and I shouldn’t tell you this because I’m a dentist, but as a child I was afraid of the dentist.   “I hate the dentist,” was a mantra our mother heard before every dental visit from her children.  Of course education, experience and time helped me overcome that fear, but not everyone wants to be a dentist!

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Dental anxiety is more common than we know:

  • 1 out of every 7 adults who has been to a dentist suffers from some form of extreme dental anxiety.
  • Women are more likely than men to suffer from extreme dental anxiety.
  • Tooth Drilling-30 percent, and getting a local anesthetic injection-28 percent, are the two top fears for patients with dental anxiety.
  • When it comes to making people nervous, Dental visits rank #1 – 22 percent, with a fear of heights ranking as a close second – 19 percent.
  • Almost ten times as many people-22 percent, are more anxious and nervous about visiting their dentist than they are their doctor – 2 percent.

You already know that telling someone with:

Anxiety to, “Just stop worrying and stressing.”
Depression to, “Just get happy.”
Insomnia to, “Just close your eyes and go to sleep.”
Bulimia to, “Just have a bite.”
Personal Problems to, “Just move on and get over it.”

Is like cutting off your hand then gluing it back on so you can keep typing then saying, “Just stop dripping all that blood,” and then you’ll immediately feel better.”

That is Just NOT how it works.

Dental anxiety is no different. It is a primary reason why thousands of people all over the world don’t get needed dental treatments. Some dental phobic patients find it extremely hard to even make a dentist appointment, let alone the arrival of their actual appointment day, date and time.

Dental Anxiety Triggers – What Are yours?

  • Previous bad experiences linking negative emotions.
  • Some people experience anxiety with waiting for their dentist appointment – That time between scheduling the appointment and it’s actual arrival.
  • Dental Treatment Cost may make a dental patient a dental phobic patient.

What Can You Do?


Don’t wait if you have dental pain – Schedule regular dental visits. Waiting for pain only prolongs and intensifies any dental issues and can create even more problems with your health in general, maybe even dental complications you didn’t have to suffer through.

Discuss your dental anxiety with your dentist – Be open with him or her about your fears. Sometimes just telling them and opening the lines of communication really helps you both.  Maybe your dentist can help you find a group with your same fears that may help you to deal with your dental anxiety.

General anesthesia and medication have worked to help reduce dental anxiety for some people check with your dentist to see if this may work for you too.

Stay on top of brushing and flossing to give yourself the self confidence boost you need to talk to your dentist.  This is the BEST WAY to reduce or avoid having emergency and preventable dental care, plus it’s a big anxiety reducer!

If you like statistics then you’ll be glad to know that 22% of people who go to the dentist regularly and schedule dental visits on average of once a year  – Those people feel better about their lives in general.

If you still feel anxiety and it keeps you from taking action with your dentist then some people benefit from dental counseling – Ask a therapist  you trust, your dentist, or a friend if group sessions are available for you to meet other people with dental anxiety issues.  Sometimes this becomes your most effective tool in dealing with dental anxiety!

It’s YOUR teeth – Ignore them AND THEY WILL GO AWAY.


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