Soda Pop Harms Teeth


Who Is Most Susceptible To Tooth Damage From Soda Pop Drinking?

Children and Teens Are Most Susceptible To Soda Pop Tooth Damage

Children and teens because their enamel hasn’t had a chance to fully develop yet.
Damage for pop drinkers can include tooth erosion, tooth decay and poor tooth appearance.


Why is pop so damaging to Teeth?

Pop does as much damage as our teeth as years of smoking cocaine or meth.

Pop sugars, acids such as phosphate and citric acid in pop destroy tooth enamel (The outside tooth surface protecting the tooth inner layers and nerves). When tooth enamel wears away due to destructive amounts of sugars and acids found in pop, bacteria reaches the inner layers, causing cavities.

What can pop drinkers do to help reduce tooth damage?

  1. Cut down on the amount of pop you drink. It is less damaging to drink pop only occasionally.
    Drink alternative beverages like water and milk, instead of pop. For instance, we should be drinking 8 glasses of water every day.
  2. To keep your teeth strong try to consume at least two servings of dairy every day. Milk contains minerals, protein, vitamins and calcium.
  3. To help keep sugars and acids away use a straw when you drink pop.
  4. Afterward, rinse with water and/or chew sugar-free gum to neutralize acids.
  5. Brush your teeth twice a day.
  6. See your dentist regularly.

Personal Opinion ONLY – You wouldn’t put the things expelled from your body back in your mouth, or drink known toxins.

In my personal opinion, drinking pop is the same thing as doing either of those two things.

Replace pop drinking behavior with healthy drinks instead.


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