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What To Expect With Your New Crown


ABDental Clinic-com-dental crownDental Crowns are primarily chosen for patients to improve the lifeline of the tooth. Your dental crown appointment in our Vancouver, BC office is a straightforward and pain free visit. With the vast choice of materials Dr. Kaviani can use the right material to improve the strength of your tooth and help you look great too!

Dental crowns – also called ‘caps,’ – help restore damaged teeth. Sometimes crowns are necessary to cover a root canal, a broken tooth, or a large filling. The entire tooth surface area is covered by a dental crown. This method of dentistry helps restore a tooth if other methods cannot be used.

Although there are several crown types, porcelain remains the most popular because of its natural tooth color choice.

Normal dental crowns require two appointments. The first appointment is arranged for your dentist to make a custom mold of your tooth so that a temporary crown can be made. These are typically sent to a lab with tooth color designations according to a tooth chart.

Once the permanent crown is created and sent back to your dentist they will schedule your next appointment. your temporary crown will then be removed, your tooth will be cleaned and your permanent crown will be placed correctly according to your bite and natural tooth spacing.

Alongside strengthening your tooth, a dental crown can improve your tooth appearance, its shape, the alignment and even help your bite.

When a tooth is lost often creates a gap from the surrounding teeth shifting. This can cause your bite to be off.  Your dental cap helps stop this from happening.
Afterward you may need awhile for your cap to feel like a ‘normal’ part of your mouth – It happens to most patients. But that feeling should wear off very soon and your new cap should become just like the rest of your teeth.

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