Cosmetic Dentistry

Defining The Scope Of Cosmetic Dentistry

abdentalclinic-comcosmeticdentistryWe are committed to offering our patients the highest quality cosmetic dentistry, relying on proven technology so our patients get premier care right in Vancouver, BC.

Cosmetic Dentistry treatments give less consideration to tooth function than they give to tooth appearance.  Even the smallest cosmetic change can give you a self confidence boost. Your smile is your greatest asset. We want to help you with that any way we can.

With Cosmetic Dentistry we are focused on your teeth, gums and bite. Primarily we are concerned with the aesthetics of your teeth in terms of shape, size, color, position, alignment, and your overall smile and appearance.

Our dedicated dental team searches for you and helps to find a solution for any concerns you may have about your tooth appearance.

What Can Cosmetic Dental Treatments Do For You?

  • Change Your teeth in their alignment, shape and size.
  • Remove gaps and obvious spacing between teeth.
  • Improve your bite – Occasionally a result of tooth grinding.  For your comfort we can make a pliable and comfortable night guard for you to wear when you sleep to help reduce or eliminate nighttime tooth grinding issues.
  • Brighten or lighten your tooth color, enhancing your smile to its most optimum.
  • Make reparations for teeth that are broken, cracked, or chipped.
  • Replace teeth that are missing.
  • Replace unappealing, or old dental treatments.
  • Help you Start Smiling for the camera . . . . AGAIN!

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